It’s just time to stand out. Get out of the box you’ve been hiding into and make the world know you’re there. That’s the mood I get when looking at the Studio AW collection from H&M – it’s bold and fierce, it’s crazy and spectacular. It’s maybe something you wouldn’t normally pick, but isn’t it great to just get out of your shell from time to time?

It’s a mix and a match. Separate but all together. It’s like a Warhol painting that has never seen the light of day. It’s 70s punk disco & today’s simple cuts & awesome silhouettes & Italian dolce vita. Can you imagine such a vibe?

Take a look below and be sure to add at least one piece to your Autumn fantasy.

24th September is the day to buy – exclusively online.

PS. Maybe you’ll recognise the models from all your Instagram scrolls. You’re not mistaken – Barbie Ferreira, Veronika Heilbrunner, Celeste, Alton Mason, Young Emperors and Mia Kong are the international muses embodying this liberating collection.