Long story, short cut: how to wear denim shorts all year long

If you live in Siberia that’s kind of impossible but last time I checked, most of our readers are Romanian, British, Italian and American :)) The thing is, if you have a good pair or denim shorts you can wear it for years. During the past seasons, the most popular looks involved boyfriend’s shirt and ethnic blouses. During the fall-winter season though, you need to shift to warmer combinations.

In need for some inspiration? See more below.

Denim shorts and sweatshirts? Perfection. Peek at Gigi Hadid’s appearance and you’ll see why. Roll’em up, find a sexy pair of boots and voila! Never, ever wear jeans that are too tight unless you want to be friends with a Christmas sausage. Rather go for a relaxed fit so you feel comfortable when you walk and sit.

denim shorts gigi hadid street style

Logo or fan club sweaters are still trending. Wear a shirt underneath for chilly days. Don’t choose short ankle boots or dark colored ones if your legs aren’t long. Go for skin tone leather or cowboy boots to elongate the silhouette.denim shorts street style

How to wear denim shorts and not catch a cold? Here are a few more ideas:

With a turtleneck and a sheer midi dress on top

This one will look feminine and flirty. Therefore, wear your hair in a bun and add statement jewelry to the ensemble.

With super long over-the-knee boots in lycra or suede, and a parka

Uber-fashionable all the way! Accessorize with a rock choker and a dark matte lipstick.

With mesh tights, army boots and a classic trench coat

This playful combo is for any age. Complete the look with a tattoo-like printed blouse and chain jewelry.

With an XXL knit and scrunched leather boots

Top everything with a policeman cap and vintage hoop earrings.

17ss jeans here / Topshop shorts here / Revolve jeans here


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