Warm and cool? Yes, sir!

When I was younger I dreaded the cold weather. I still do, but for very different reasons. Then, I hated wearing tights. Now, I just hate the cold. Yea, I solved the tights problem by “warming” up to feminine & fun models. (pun intended)

Now, let’s make things clear, it’s not just any tights – I am very picky when it comes to color (black) & texture. I hate see-through black but I love see-through black with a nice little model (dots, squares, stars, minnie mouse heads, that sort of thing). I find they are very cool to be worn during the cold season with skirts or dresses, saving these pieces from a one-season label.

I am also in a good relationship with fishnets – the extra-fine cuts are good for daytime too. Last, but not least, crazy socks are now on my shopping list as I’ve seen them worn really nice with a low heels or Oxford shoe (article coming soon). Oh, and I also have some problems such as colorful tights (bleah), white matte tights (are you five?), tights with ripped jeans shorts (hello ’90s).

I’m not going to give you shopping links, just some Pinterest-y inspiration, but when shopping for tights you have two alternatives – and I mix and match them like a PRO!

  1. go for quality tights (Calzedonia, Wolford, Falke) for classic pieces that will take you through the entire season and for fashionable items that you LOVE and you’ll wear forever and consider an investment
  2. pick high street alternatives for the yearly trends – ASOS or Primark will do the job just fine!

Photos come from: Cazledonia (including cover photo), Wolford, Falke, Fiore and modelstreetstyleblog.tumblr.com, websta.me, Barbie Anne, Just The Design, Elle España