You know how every advice about working at home starts with change your PJs in the morning? Well, I’m here to give you the best (and most stylish) options for highly Instagramable indoors outfits. Ready, steady, GO!

Now, so many options arise, you may crumble under this wave of opportunity. But I say it’s a good thing – you can change just as often as you do when prepping for a day in the city. Never get bored, never get sloppy, never not use your creativity. From knit pieces (an obvious choice for winter) to silky satin duos, a world of opportunity opens up. Here’s what I’m partial to at the moment:

# combos, sets, whatever you may want to call them – funny tees and their respective pants or, the best of the best, short pants, long sleeves sweater and chunky socks (both comfy and sexy if you don’t mind me saying!)

# satin – always and forever, that touch on your skin is irreplaceable. Splurge for some quality pieces, you won’t regret the choice!

# overalls are always a yes – linen, cotton or other natural materials are a must. Try a relaxed fit, maybe some buttons in front to jazz things up. I could live in those things!

Leaving you here, down below, with a little bit of inspo, via our beloved Pinterest.

Oh, and before I forget – best places to buy loungewear – Intimissimi, Oysho, Zara Home, ASOS, & Other Stories and even the premium section at Primark. If you’re partial to the classic option of sweat pants and tees, go for quality materials, no matter the brand. If you’re a fan of oversized Tees (not his) and undies you can even choose some vintage classics for an extra cool point. Also, don’t forget to check out your local brands, they may surprise you with some very stylish pieces, perfect for a cosy night of entertaining friends.

And here, some shopping options, ’cause I know I got you craving! (all from ASOS, for easier cart adding!)

  1. ASOS Design lounge premium knitted sweater and wide leg pants with splits
  2. ASOS DESIGN lounge super soft jumpsuit with channelling
  3. ASOS DESIGN lounge selectively social jogger
  4. ASOS DESIGN mix & match avocado print modal shirt & pants 
  5. ASOS DESIGN mix & match satin splodge spot contrast shirt & pants
  6. ASOS DESIGN mix & match jersey long sleeve top & shorts

Main picture: Intimissimi.