I’ll let you in on a secret. I’m generally very optimistic and brightsidey, but when the isolation hit, there was no light to be seen. After moping around after my lost travels and indefinitely postponed brunches with friends, I turned online for some consolation. There they were – my favourite websites, with something extra this time – an enriched homewear edition. I do love PJs since forever but now the possibilities are almost endless. And not only when it comes to mass market shopping, but also for local designers I followed and appreciated.

Don’t frolic, here comes the actual intro of this article – the best homewear to shop online for, without hitting big brands sites. I have researched (such a lovely task) and have now come up with a list. Three brands that made the loveliest pieces for us to lounge in and that need your support. In no particular order, here they are.


After making the best outwear minimal pieces, Mădălina,  the designer, is out to give us items to wear at home without losing our style or appetite for nordic normcore. She has mastered a quite impressive collection of pants and sweatshirts, funky T-shirts and wait for it – jumpsuits! They are all cut from nice, natural materials making you look and feel fresh and ready to conquer whatever comes your way. May I wear these for ever and ever? Here, you can have them too, just click the words in bold in this article.


They say they’re creators of desire and they have created it alright. Just take a look at the beautifully crafted cotton sets and dare to pick just 2 or 3 pieces. I know I can’t. From fine prints to pastels or my beloved black, you’ll find the most comfortable materials and a fit to love. It’s relaxed, yet feminine and sexy, just imagine that oversized shirt and the shorts in a wintery morning making coffee. An Instagram picture pops right up, correct? I’ll show you my favourites, but be sure to also let your friends in on our secret.

#Cotton Therapy

I recently remembered them thanks to a friend. They are known for their quality and designed bedspreads and have branched out into pyjamas. They are happy and colourful and fun and will surely lift up your spirit on a gloomy Sunday morning. I’ve seen an Insta story of them packing and the PJs come in the cutest cotton bags, just like precious designer items. Loved this exclusivity touch!

You know I’m always asking you to share your favourites with me, but I know this time it’s impossible to choose. So go ahead, babes, spoil yourselves before (and after) the holidays and also help some indie brands out. The good vibes will take us further!

Main picture: camillestyles.com via Pinterest