This a sustainable story coming straight from Transylvania. Two creative minds have started on the difficult path of creating timeless pieces in natural materials. A gentle, studied, simplicity unravels in each piece, creating the perfect canvas for each lady to tell her story. If you love natural fabrics such as linen or wool, you’ll be pleased to find out everything about Verlinne. Once you’ve fallen in love with their philosophy, be sure to check their online shop. There’s still time until Christmas!

#5 things you need to know about the brand

  • they take pride in being a local, sustainable fashion brand
  • they only use natural materials and mostly work based on orders
  • they have a small team, including local workshops that manufacture some of the products
  • they often introduce a piece in their line following customer demand
  • 2 of their initial products, launched in 2016, are still available on the website

#5 things about the designer/designers

  • there are two creative minds behind Verlinne, working together to make the wheels turn
  • they have started the brand  out of the desire to create pieces that can be worn for more than one season
  • they have worked in the most diverse fields and believe this experience is super useful when dealing with entrepreneurship
  • they are very thankful that Verlinne is becoming a well loved brand, but take pride in each and every one of their orders
  • they truly believe that in many aspects of life simplicity is the one that brings pure joy

#What’s a trend that never goes out of style in your point of view

Authenticity will never not be a trend. Identifying and owning your true style will always be in fashion. It’s great to be able to have a certain lightness about your style. And on a more practical level, neutrals will always find their place in any feminine wardrobe.

What’s your signature item?

We haven’t put the “signature item” tag on any of our products. However, the most famous and adored ones are the wrap dress (in the polka dots print) and the long dress with collar and buttons. Both of them are created in premium European linen. Taking into account our newest collection, the two pullovers in organic cotton and wool seem to be making their way into the spotlight.

#How do you keep things sustainable?

The idea of sustainability has been very important for us, right from the beginning. We chose linen and wool because they are very long lasting. Then, we introduced organic cotton and hemp. All these are considered sustainable fabrics. We pick paper and cardboard for our packing and we will soon say goodbye to plastic for good (even to our carriers’ standard bags). As we want to reduce waste as much as possible, 80% of our items are created on order. A big part of the leftover materials are donated to local artisans creating accessories or small deco pieces.

Above all this, I think the most important thing we do to remain a sustainable fashion brand is create pieces that stand the test of time. This is our manner of reducing waste and encouraging responsible consumption.

Now and only now are you allowed to leave this page. This is Verlinne’s online shop and if you need some inspiration, browse their Facebook and Instagram pages. Tell us what piece sparked your imagination and how you plan on wearing it for seasons to come!