Don’t know under what fluffy blanket you are hiding these days, but here is how you can make your space a little bit more cosy for working, reading or sipping coffee made by your boyfriend self.

So, let’s get started! You need a project. This could be called “the living room pillows and blankets mission”. The Internet is full of good stuff so why not transform your home into a dreamy place to be? Since you’re travelling so often from bedroom, to kitchen and livingroom. Multi-city ticket involved.

The boho pillow cases make all the difference. Fringes, Mexican style embroideries – they will all give an authentic feel to your relaxation corner. Some of them are mostly decorative, so you can mix them with fur blankets or linen cushions. 

If you prefer light colours, then a knitted white blanket will be always in-hand for when you want to chill with a book in one hand and a croissant in the other.

Practical TIP: you can sew on one side a white neoprene-like or fleece fabric for more warmth when covering up. 

An L-shaped couch needs some warm accents like beige and chocolate-y pillow covers and field flowers. 

Here are some pretty livingroom pillows. Enjoy shopping!

Safavieh sheep skin pillow / Anthropologie Tasseled PillowSafavieh Beach Lounge Pillows

… and two livingroom blankets.

Home Soft Things Knitted Throw BlanketYaya & Co. Tassel Trim Blanket

If you’ve enjoyed the livingroom pillows and blankets inspo, let us know in a comment below! 🙂

All photos are from Pinterest.