Since we’re spending so much time indoors, this reading corner theme comes as no surprise. Feeling good at home just became a must, so here are some stylish ideas for you, based on cultural influences. Sounds amazing, right?

A reading corner needs to look beautiful, but has to be comfy at the same time. Cosy throw blankets, soft fabrics and a nice sofa or armchair are required. What about plants, do you think they’re necessary for the entire atmosphere? If you don’t want to have one right in your nose, than a cute bouquet will always refresh the space.

Colonial style decor

Vintage effect brown leather, bamboo (or exotic wood) framed mirrors, huge greenery – this is a fabulous colonial style decor! Add some oud candles in a transparent vase and bring on the books!

Hygge Nordic reading corner

Simple, neat, yet very comfortable, the Nordic design mixes minimal elements with functional fixtures and warm tones. Give this corner a friendly touch by adding an old chair instead of a coffee table.

Vintage Dutch approach

This sitting area created around the window can give you a bit of a royal feeling if you have floor to ceiling bookshelves. Think of cafe au lait curtains, heavy framed art and baroque pillows.

British masculine interior design

I like the brown leather chair and classic rug. Plus, what’s interesting about this library is that no book title is visible – so manly! A good example of a relaxed reading corner for both men and women 😉

American countryside

This long armchair is a reader’s dream. If you love this design, you can transform your living room by diy-ing a hemp lamp cover and a metallic table from old items. 

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Photos:, Pinterest