Bon Bijou goes more mystic than ever with its Dali Tarot collection. This artistic experiment connects magic symbols with some incredibly versatile jewelry pieces. 

You can wear jewelry with almost anything these days, even with silk pjs and puffy slippers. Raluca Leafu, the creator of the brand, encourages us to explore our destiny and to meet all sorts of challenges. “Choose the pendant that will always remind you that you are your own magician”, she says.

Bon Bijou Tarot

The collection inspired by the tarot cards of Salvador Dali comprises of 10 surrealist amulets called:  Temperance, Strength, The Star, The Sun, The Moon, The Lovers, Wheel of Fortune, The World, The Empress, The Magician. Dali Tarot precious jewelry is made of 24k gold plated bronze.

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Photos: Christian Tudose