I wanna make one thing clear – I’m buying for my (not so far away, I hope) dreams of getting out of the house and into the world. So here are just 3 jet setter items I’d pack for a trip toooo Amsterdam!

1. The Denim Mini Dress which looks just about right for a stroll in the antiques and flowers markets on a Saturday morning. A stroopwafle in one hand and the world will be mine! (shop clicking on the item’s name, will you?)

2. These silky culottes, just perfect with a white basic tee and white sneakers (preferably Vejas), for a day of just getting lost on the streets, having coffee over the canals, going into small designer boutiques (and buying what you like). Ah, the life!

3. This oversized faux leather jacket to be worn with black skinny jeans and a silk top for a night out in the heart of the city! Starting to look for the hippest places immediately!