We all have at least one vase at home, it’s just that many of them lack personality. We found those that can update your current decor situation.

Crystal, glass or clay – I found five models on a budget, artsy or super classy that can happily ornate your home. It’s important to see that every object can have multiple purposes so you don’t get bored of them easily. Here are the versatile vases!

Transparent and tall, these vases can be an amazing element if combined with Oxalis Versicolor plants. And if we are talking swirls, use them for a candy bar to fill with M&Ms. Zesting vases set here.

zesting vase

You can go for a crystal clear water and an orchid or think of something more complex. One idea is to put inside pink gross grain ribbon which can also fall on the table and a same color Hydrangea flower. The second option is to style it with a fresh flower branch and small wooden toys as Christmas decoration. Shop here.

crystal vase

This bubble gum color vase is easy to match with other similar decor items. Looks wow with lilac in spring but also half filled with sand all year long to remind you of your summer vacations. Find here.

HUBSCH vase blue

This two-tone clay vase looks like chocolate, isn’t it? So simple, yet so tasty 🙂 It looks perfect with raw wood furniture and green&yellow wild plants in it. If you have a modern white dining table for example, complete the decoration with dark brown candles. Shop here.



I know the title says versatile but in my opinion this is not just a vase, it’s an art object. Designed by Aldo Londi, the limited edition ceramic vase below was originally made in 1967. No wonder it caught my attention! Choose three Strelitzia Reginae flowers for a graphic impact or display it just like that if you love the 60’s. See here.

CERAMIC VASE - aldo londi