Satin shoes that turn heads

Sarah Jessica Parker created a pair for her own collection, Margot Robbie wore a vintage-inspired design on the red carpet – I’m talking about the satin shoes! Here’s what you need to know!

They’re super sensitive to anything you can imagine, from water to sunlight. So make sure you don’t wash them, don’t wear them too often because they will loose their perfect shape and don’t place them in a super sunny room otherwise they will fade in color. Even though this sounds like you don’t need such a … pain, well, you do, since satin shoes are truly elegant! And precious. And royal.

Black pumps

Elegant, timeless, you name it – the black satin pump is something you can wear regardless of age or trends. Find a design that compliments your shapes! A thicker heel if you are more voluptuous, a bold V-shape front if you have beautiful ankles.

You can find these on sale at FashionUP. They have a cool 10 years campaign!

fashionup outlet satin pumps

Satin mules

You’ve seen this Lurum 90 model all over Instagram, I am sure! Still, don’t let that popularity or price tag steal your vibe! These mules are really beautiful to wear with a classic suit or a silk chiffon vintage dress.

manolo satin mules

Satin sandals

Nude satin sandals are the most feminine shoes of this list! They can match almost any refined outfit. I can see them styled with culottes and a barely there silk top. Or with cowl neck emerald dress.

These look comfy even for a wedding day. Future brides, click below!

Badgley Mischka satin sandals embellished

Satin shoes – flats for days

Giuseppe Zanotti‘s loafers in salmon shade satin are a wonderful addition to your not so casual wardrobe. Mix these cuties with an oversized shirt dress at brunch hour or with a batiste jumpsuit for a fancy stroll. Keep them as clean as possible by avoiding the rain always storing them in a dust bag!

Giuseppe Zanotti loafer satin

Any satin shoes lover here? Drop a comment below!