Need to go shopping for a Virgo? We’re here to support and clean.

How well do you know your Virgo friend? Is she a bff or just an office colleague? Either way, we found some fashionable gifts that that will put you on her red list (red is good). Astrology says people in this sign like to do things in their way and be appreciated for it, they like to be involved in multiple activities and love a good social life. A lot of the Virgo women are obsessed with cleaning but we’re not recommending Mr. Muscle or Ariel pods here, don’t worry.

Number one: a modern fur coat. They like a bit of luxe in their lives. This baby blue goat hair jacket from Paisi is just right to put on at a fancy event or on late September dinners.

See the item here.

paisi fur coat

Her wardrobe is not complete without a classic piece of lingerie. Black is a preferred option so this La Perla bodysuit with underwired lace cups could win her attention. See more about the product.


These glimmering stilettos will touch her party soul. This pair must come with a note: “please don’t spill your vodka on me because I’m leather only on the inside”. Click the picture for details.

Liu Jo stiletto pumps

Can’t take a proper outfit post without having the nails done. The ZOYA nail polish in an aubergine color will match her social agenda. See here.

Zoya nail polish

This is such a cool idea to give her house a warm feel. The musk and amber scent are diffused through the British Charcoal stick into the red glass and out. Shop here.


If she can’t live without the morning coffee, then a thermal travel mug is a great idea, especially if you work together and you can’t invest a lot of budget into the gift. Shop here.


Hope we helped! 😉