Many times I feel sunglasses are not just about matching the outfit of the day, but about complimenting your mood. Here’s why! 

This accessory is very much associated with a basic sense, so it is pretty clear that we choose our sunglasses not just based on trends and color coordination. But, also depending on how we feel in a particular moment and what we want to communicate indirectly. Bold, edgy sunnies – an optimistic state, open to conversation. Classic, black cat-eye design – confidence, relaxation.

I have a decent collection of sunglasses and what I expect from a pair is to:

  • flatter my features
  • be comfortable during the day. Not any material can sit on your nose for hours and be gentle with the skin and bone structure
  • protect me from damaging sun rays.

You’d say only expensive brands can deliver this 3 points list, but actually, there are a couple of affordable labels I have tested for 1 or 2 years now that are friendly and cool.

Polarizen is one of them. You can find their collections on and in their showroom. So many options, therefore here is a shortlist for summer happiness 🙂

Versatility as a way of living

This all-black, slim design from Polarizen is lightweight which makes it ideal for day to day contexts. I’d match them with a minimal color block look when I’m into a sleek disposition.

black sunglasses - Lensa Polarizen

This metallic framed pair is fantastic for both sporty looks and festival outfits (for when we’ll have those again). Their shape elongates the eye area and creates a colorful focus.

You can order them online on sale at

sunglasses - Lensa Polarizen

Classic mood

If there’s nothing more appealing to you than timeless sunglasses, then here is something to feast your eyes. Literally! For the days when nothing fits, nothing sits etc. go for the simple, fuss-free options. Lensa Polarizen sunglasses - ochelari de soare

I like tortoiseshell and I cannot lie! The almond shape is also very stylish so you can pair these with both a vintage 50’s dress or a white t-shirt and a blazer.

Feline appetite for sunglasses

sunglasses Polarizen by Lensa black and goldWhen you want to show something but not too much. These are the sunnies you need to take into consideration. Fabulous to style with a party outfit for a dash of mystery.

If you have light sensitivity/photophobia, the dark lenses are necessary during super bright days.

See more here.



Tell me which one caught your eye! Drop a comment below.