Thought of doing a series of “living in …” articles with hot items I feel comfortable in. We wear lingerie most of the times for us, but sometimes also for other people to see. Can’t tell me this isn’t true! 

Picking lingerie for the day is totally a process dictated by mood. Then maybe the outfit it needs to match. Nowadays there are so many underwear brands, from mass-market to premium or high fashion, let’s say. Some labels position themselves as more “utilitarian”, using natural fibers and super minimalist cuts, while others promote looks made of intricate embroideries and eclectic mix of fabrics.

I don’t know how many lingerie personalities you have, but I’d say I have three. Today I’m going to “display” the most spectacular one – the seductress. Lots of silk satin, cut-outs, mesh and elastic bands involved. That’s why I picked Ludique Lingerie for this “introspection” :))

Ludique lingerie set

Tulle powernet with Lurex – Ishtar set

I love finding this kind of lingerie that feels like an outfit. Even if you cover it (for a while), it has its own personality that comes out to the surface in small gestures. Like when sipping a Martini in a bar – you damn pick up that glass knowing you have a soft pink bra underneath that oversized shirt! Or when writing that email you didn’t want to send all week, now it’s a different kind of attitude, it’s the black mesh talking.

pink bra ludique-

Silk satin – Diamond bra

Don’t take this too seriously! Or you’ll lose the fun. 🙂

All images belong to Ludique Lingerie except for the main.