Every now and then I fall in love with a trend. Case in point: gingham.

If you’re thinking there’s a great chance of gingham giving you a granny look, don’t worry. There are tons of ways and means of wearing this print without the slightest resemblance to past trends. Now you get bell sleeved shirts, hot pants, cool summer dresses and even pant suits, something gingham for every occasion. And it’s not just black and white anymore, but also lots of great pastels and even reds and deep greens. Uh, and shoes and accessories. True gingham love.

Now here are some ground rules for wearing this new trend:

  • try to stay away from mixing prints or colors – one piece is enough and you can combine it with something basic – a white cotton tee or a pair of jeans
  • don’t over accessorize – you don’t want to look like a Christmas tree in April, so keep it classy and stick to small jewelry
  • if you decide to wear a total gingham look – like a suit for example, be sure to rock the right attitude. You will definitely stand out and you need to own it

And here is my favorite part, the Pinterest inspiration:

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And if all this chatter has convinced you to try wearing a piece, here are my shopping recommendations:

  1. Asos Shirt, here
  2. Kendall & Kylie outfit, here
  3. Marquese’Almeida sandal, here
  4. Current Elliot shirt dress, here
  5. ASOS shirt, here
  6. Miu Miu necklace, here

Let’s see how you wear this trend, make us proud!