The scarf&bag styling can go from classy to urban in a matter of seconds.

You have a few favorite bags, no more than two or three, and you wear them non-stop? Don’t worry, you’re not the only one! Obsessing over a particular piece is not considered dangerous! Anyway, to update its looks, accessorize it with a silk square for a hip contrast.

The suede YSL bag is beautiful. The shade and long strap makes it versatile. Here the lady opted for a boho-romantic mix that is definitely inspiring. The scarf just brings together all the shades of the outfit.


This detail shot reveals a more minimal approach. The black and white Celine bag is a wonderful choice for day! The wearer paired it with a geometric printed scarf in order to nail a refined appearance.

celine bag scarf

Magenta Gucci bag, yellow sandals and blue scarf? Here comes the urban rainbow. This color mix is so playful, yet the ensemble seems very feminine because of the transparencies. Don’t be afraid to look out of the ordinary!


This rebel shot of street style in all shades of green looks fantastic. The vintage-like hardwear of the bag is well balanced with the plaid shirt and the scarf’s paisley print.

bag scarf

Almost impossible not to like this last one! The Chanel shoulder bag matches anything and everything in your fashionable life. Tie a sunset coloured scarf on one side if you want to give it a riviera twist.

bag scarf

Here is a selection of handbags and scarves that you can match in thousands of outfits.

Kurt Geiger canvas strap bag here. YSL Kate shoulder bag here. MICHAEL Michael Kors leather bag here.

Mary Katranzou scarf here. Bianca Elgar square here. jimmy Choo printed scarf here.

Tell us which is your favourite scarf&bag pair in a comment below!