Some of the OK looks, ’cause noting stunning was in sight!  

I was really hoping for some great outfits this year, but here I am, coping with the disappointment. The outfits ranged from plain and regular to the not-so-flattering and inappropriate kind. There was no glitz, almost no glamour and certainly no to-be-remembered-for-years-to-come.

These said and my disappointment clearly stated, here are 6 outfits that I almost liked.  The top is clearly led by Chrissy Teigen and Santigold’s Gucci pink dress. I almost included Adele but decided, despite her overall cuteness and goddess voice, that she was a bit too green for this top.

Hope for some better outcome for the shows to come and some WOWs populating this site.

Grammys pictures come from Getty, Cosmopolitan & Elle.