For me trips are about discovering cities and people, great local designers and coffee shops and going to (fashion) museums.

This is why I feel entitled to make this list of the 3 must-go places! They’re all in Europe for the moment so after reading this article you can browse your flight operator for the best travelling dates.

First one on the list – Victoria & Albert in London (shocker, right?). I’ve been dreaming about this museum about my entire adult life and I’m telling you it’s even better in reality. With a great permanent exhibition on fashion & some intriguing temporary displays, it really is the place to be for all fashion & art aficionados.

victoria & albert

Board a plane to Italy, because we’re going to the lovely city of Florence for a nice long walk inside the Ferragamo museum. You’ll get to see how the wedge or the cage heel were born and also browse the gallery of celebrities wearing the iconic shoes, in both permanent and temporary exhibitions.

Florence, Salvatore Ferragamo Museum: "Salvatore Ferragamo, un Palazzo e la Città" Hall #01A ©2015 Micheli per Salvatore Ferragamo

We saw clothes & shoes, it’s naturally time for bags and for this we’re going to Amsterdam, to the Tassenmuseum. This is the largest museum of bags & purses in the world and it will take you through the history of the item, with more than 5.000 items on display.


I’m off browsing new museum ideas, so see you on the plane!