Shopping lists, business meetings and holiday plans – there’s a notebook for everything

It’s back to school time and our notebook craze is in full swing. This is why you’re getting a true showdown of notebooks. You’ll definitely find something you love whether you’re the romantic type or the true rock chick of the century. So here it goes!

Let’s start with something easy. You’re the independent lady we all love and admire, so you’ll be needing a serious notebook to take on meetings and impress the hell out of people. This is what we have in store for you: a large leather notebook you can put your initials on. Also add an exquisite pen and those contracts are about to be signed. You can shop for your leather notebook in brown, black or beige right here. 

leather notebook

Next scenario! You’re this artistic chick, all smiles and flowers – a designer or wedding planner or jewelry maker. You’re going to need something very girly with a little bit of sparkle, that will surely tell your client something about your work and personality. So here comes the romantic, vintage set to get all your creative juices flowing. You can buy the six-pack here.

romantic notebook

On to other types of creatives – maybe advertising gurus, online aficionados or marketing execs – here are your out-of-the-box notebooks. Take them alternatively to meetings and keep the naughtiest one for your personal planning. And if you’re feeling extra nice bring the “Doodles” one to you colleague back at the graphic design department. This OHH DEER trio can be purchased here.

funny notebooks

Now, I don’t know what your profile is, but you’re definitely one tough chick. You probably own the Vlieger and Vandam bag already so these notebooks will be right up your alley. Take care though! You don’t want to scare anyone or upset customs police, so use them with caution. Here is the place to buy and enjoy!

armed notebooks

The best is always last and the most important condition for you to appreciate these notebooks is to love travelling (who doesn’t, really now?!). So, if you’re always curious about what goodies you’ll find in your hotel room, here’s something for you to enjoy all year long. FAKE HOTELS NOTEBOOKS! Yes, they exist and yes, they are precious. Your set of 8 can be bought right here.

travel notebooks

Can you guess which are our favorites?