Copengahen Fashion Week kept us glued to the Internet, it’s a constant source of inspiration. Besides the cool relaxed street-style looks (that we’ll discuss in a different piece), the runaways were great pointers of what’s to come.

London-based brand Paolina Russo, winner of the Zalando Visionary Award, debuts its first runway collection, named Monolithic, during the SS24 season of Copenhagen Fashion Week.

The collection from co-creative directors Paolina Russo and Lucile Guilmard combines artisan techniques with industrialised manufacturing, bridging the gap between heritage craftsmanship and technology. The runway set design encompassed rune-carved rainbow floors, evoking the suburban nostalgia of the carpets found in the childhood home of brand’s warrior heroine protagonist, and the pastel chalk frescoes she would scrawl on the pavements outside. Standing stones – the design centre piece of the space – simultaneously recall ancient stone circles and futuristic earthship structures that have served as an inspiration for the brand.

Each piece in the collection exemplifies the brand’s desire to challenge and modernise the meaning of craftsmanship, allowing collaborative experimentation to lead innovation. The collection epitomises the ethos at Paolina Russo’s heart: the recontextualisation and celebration of yesterday’s craft practices to articulate an aesthetic anchored in tomorrow.