So unfair to write about shopping for a Libra. It’s like I’m making a public wishlist!

I was really sarcastic when I started documenting this shopping list. I thought of recommending a wireless router, a server, a wheel and a fridge, but then I got serious! That’s a Libra: nice and sweet now, furious, hard to please and understand the next second. Well, the sure thing is that this sign hates gifts offered just for the sake of giving. It doesn’t have to be the Moon or the most expensive plane ticket, but something that shows consideration. That hard? Let’s see.

A classy bag that she can carry everywhere is a perfect choice. This Sac de Jour from Saint Laurent is exquisitely crafted in calfskin. She will treasure it forever. See details.


The Library Collection from Amouage has a beautiful story about each perfume. A Libra will love that, besides the sophisticated scent. Opus VII is woody-leather-y – intense but harmonious. Click here to shop.


Andy’s 60’s soup cans are so cool. A must have for someone obsessed with details, day-to-day modern art and interior deco. See here where you can buy the frameĀ or do it yourself.

CAMPBELL'S TOMATO SOUP- shopping for a libra

A contemporary piece of jewelry is a nice touch. She doesn’t wear many and gets attached to the ones that mean something or are in-line with her personality and style. Check this one from The Glory Lab made of silver.


If you know him or her well, you can go for a vintage piece of furniture. Governed by Venus, the Goddess of beauty and prosperity, they will appreciate design and arts in every form. See here this mid-century armchair.


Don’t forget about balance when packing it šŸ™‚