Slip skirts are feminine, sexy and powerful and YES, you can wear them during winter. See how!

If you love your slip dress / skirt juts as much as we do ours, then you won’t want to wait until March to take it out for a spin. Fortunately, there are some ways to keep you (relatively) warm and still damn sexy.

The possibilities include, but are not limited to, huge knits, layers over layers of t-shirts and shirts, leather jackets, fur jackets. And if you ask me, they could also work with some cool sweatshirts.

Here are some ideas on how you can wear your slip skirt during winter be it for day or for night – just make sure you get the proportions right and the pieces you pair it with are appropriate for the occasion. After you browse our Pinterest curated list, see the links below for some silky shopping.

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Stop shaking, we’re off shopping right about now!

  1. ASOS black slip skirt, here
  2. ASOS wrap skirt, here
  3. ASOS silk skirt, here
  4. Kimchi heart patches skirt, here
  5. Missguided short wrap skirt, here
  6. Reclaimed vintage silk skirt, here