We must confess. We have sinned. Badly.

But it’s straw-tastic!

All jokes aside there is one essential trend this summer that should not be missed. The straw hat, in all its varieties, shapes, colors, embellishments, flowers, tassels, pom-poms. You get the picture. You need to have a straw hat and don’t think it’s just for your romantic seaside escapade, but for the everyday use. So here’s our guide onto where, why and how to buy your straw hat(s) of the season.

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1.The floppy hat – it has a fun name and it can bring fun times. Wear it when you go out in the evening for drinks by the local lake and feel like a vacationing aristocrat.

straw hat_asos2

Floppy ASOS Straw Hat

2.The raw edges hat – it will come in handy practically anytime, anywhere. We like it on a laid back look with short silk trousers and a basic T-shirt, but it can also be worn with a long, strappy dress.

straw hat_asos

ASOS Raw edges straw hat

3.La canotiere – pardon our French, but you need to have this beauty on your hands. Crafted by a Romanian designer, this hat is quite a steal, appropriate for hot summer days!

straw hat_fandacsia2

Fandacsia canotiere

4. Dreamy hat – also a designer’s hat meant to take you to fairy tale land. We love its timeless feeling and we know you will, as well.

straw hat_fandacsia

Fandacsia straw hat

5.The detailed hat – it’s like you are wearing a head full of straw lace. It sounds weird, but we assure you it’s not. It’s just super romantic and ladylike so be sure to wear some flowers on your wrist, to complete the scenery.

straw hat_anthropologie

Anthropology straw hat

6. The granny hat – just like Ms. Marple wore on her detective series, you need a “granny” hat. We named it with love and we’ll appreciate your vintage inspired looks.

straw hat_anthropologie2

Anthropology straw hat

7. If you like straw hats then for sure you are in love with Eurgenia Kim and her work in the field. Start with the “message hat” – WHAT CAN BE BETTER? Still, if you don’t want to spend all your holiday budget on this piece, try to DIY – there are cool tutorials online!

straw hat - eugenia kim4

Eugenia Kim straw hat

8.The merry-go-round hat – also an Eugenia Kim masterpiece, this hat looks like it could be worn everywhere. Just imagine yourself sipping a cold tea in a green oasis inside the city. Oh, love!

straw hat - eugenia kim3

Eugenia Kim straw hat

9.The embrace hat seems so appropriate for summer dreaming!

straw hat - eugenia kim2

Eugenia Kim straw hat

10.This list ends with the orange on the cake. You know you want it, because it’s eye catchy, still kind of discreet. And it goes with everything, especially summery whites.

straw hat - eugenia kim

Eugenia Kim straw hat

Now that you know our weaknesses, tell us, what is your summer cover?