Interior Design ABC

Changing an old set of chairs, a rug or a collection of glasses shouldn’t be like once in a generation. New items bring fresh energy to your home and the space should evolve at the same pace as you are. There are times when you prefer darker colors and a minimal approach and years when every detail must be colorful. Furniture and design are not necessarily about trends but about a state of mind, of social behavior that definitely shifts. Choose the items in a harmonious way, paying attention to textures not just hues. Get rid of the broken vases or heavy used blankets. Last but not least, you’re allowed to overthink.

Redesigning your home has never been so easy like nowadays. With the help of apps or different blogs and social platforms like Pinterest you can find ideas to match any taste. Furthermore, there are so many online and offline stores with deco goodies that’s impossible not to update your space and make it more dreamy!

A is for … A serving board

You’ve probably seen this crafty board at restaurants lately. Especially at those which serve sushi, salmon or anything Asian related. It’s time to have your own for quick fruity bites. Click the image or the link below to see info about the product.

Cathy'S Concepts Monogram Slate Serving Board

Shop here.

B is for Bath Mat

This retailer had many variations of bath mats but this one clearly won. What can I say? Sometimes you need bold instructions.

There are days when I wonder what can I do to change a little the look of my bathroom. Well, this could be the answer for a interior design dilemma.

Get Naked Bath MatShop here.

C is for Candle

This artsy candle holder from Jonathan Adler is a stylish piece for your coffee table. It can be reused as well after the floral scented wax is gone. Place a succulent plant there – you’ll love it more!

Jonathan Adler Blanc CandleShop here.

D is for Diffuser

This electric Aromatherapy Diffuser is a beautiful acquisition for you or for a friend. Simply add water and the essential oil of your choice, then turn it on. Through a ceramic resonator, the product uses ultrasonic vibrations to turn the fragrant water into mist, dispersing it into the air.

Serene House Supernova Electric Aromatherapy DiffuserShop here.

E is for Elephant Tea Mug

Guys, this is not kids-only! It’s cute and everything but it can brighten your morning too no matter the age. The pink elephant in your kitchen can only be a warm morning topic.

Plum & Bow Elephant Tea MugShop here.

F is for Floral Cake Carrier

If you have these carriers in your kitchen people can only assume you’re a good cook. The superb design is signed MacKenzie-Childs, a company established in 1983, and is handcrafted with vibrant colors on ceramic and steel.

MacKenzie-Childs Flower Market Cake CarrierSee here.

G is for Garden Mirror

The vintage-inspired mirrors give an authentic twist to any space. Place this on your porch because it will give depth to the space. Put a few tall plants like Sansevieria or Areca on the sides for a dash of oxygen. A few old postcards will complete the South American atmosphere.

Turquoise Garden Window Mirror

See more.

H is for Happy Birthday glasses

For those who’d like to celebrate their existence everyday 🙂 These are fun to take out of the cupboard for each anniversary! Therefore click the image below to add them to your collection.

Slant Collections Happy Birthyay Wine Glass

Shop here.

I is for Icecream Art

This ceramic vase reminds me of the gelaterias where you can take your ice-cream cone from a circular holder. Not sure if you’re supposed to give it that kind of use.

What do you think of this art?

Jonathan Adler Scream VaseSee here.

J is for Jaw-dropping cart

ARTERIORS’ antiqued brasstone iron bar cart makes me wonder for the millionth time why I did not live my 30’s in the 60’s. To push this from dining to couch gracefully wearing a pin-up negligee.

Anyway, if I caught your attention, the shelves are detailed with a hand-applied mirror pattern. The cart is 89 cm tall and 71 cm wide.

Shop at Barneys.

gold bar cart - interior design

K is for Kettle

What a nas-tea set! Designed by Esther Horchner, the kettle also comes with similar cups.

Nevertheless, if you’re having tea with someone very serious at the office, you can opt for this babe. It will be your dirty hot secret!

Undressed Porcelain Teapot

Shop at Luisaviaroma.

L is for Lunar Clock

Blue moon, why not? This clock is a stellar addition to your home. Mix it with other frames and paintings in a living room or leave it simple on the kitchen wall. In addition, maybe you can find a solar-shaped one and set it on a different hour – like the timezone of your favorite vacation destination. Only for the dreamers.

Era Home Blue Lunar Surface 12\" Wall ClockShop here.

M is for Metal and hardwood table

This sleek red and gold side table is an amazing piece of furniture for a bourgeois home. Furthermore the console table, besides its functional purpose, has also a decorative impact on all people entering or crossing from one room to another! Interior design at its best!

Hooker Furniture Madelina Console TableShop here.

N is for nom nom nom

A temporary item becomes a functional and contemporary art piece. Perfect for holding … almost anything – just like its disposable version. This glass “zippered” bag will rapidly find a place in any home. Just add candy!

Glass zipper bagShop at UncommonGoods.

O is for Oriental Headboard

A faux headboard is easy to install and great for changing the aspect of a bedroom. I like this natural one resembling the shape of a lotus. Dress the bed in white for a flawless contrast.

No Nails Wood Carved Faux HeadboardShop here.

P is for Plush Chair

P comes from pricey too. But such a lovely pastel will give flair to any living room. Match it with a foam green rug or lamp shade for a retro appeal.

Haute House Pantages Chair - interior designDetails here.

Q is for Quality Plants in interior design

No doubt more of us should grow such a green wall. You can plant thyme, rosemary or basil and just cut a bunch when cooking a meal. If you go for mint you’ll get also a natural home fragrance. Plus, a fantastic resource for minty lemonades.

Williams Sonoma Chalkboard Wall Planter

Shop at Williams-Sonoma.

R is for Rabbit Doorstop

Bronze rabbit ears as a stopper? I think this would put a smile upon my face each time I’d see it. Let it be your little spy!

Anthropologie Rabbit Ears Doorstop

See online.

S is for Shameless Doorknob

These hotel-like “Do not Disturb” knobs are an easy way to give personality to a simple door. You don’t need to live in The Grand Budapest Hotel to do that!

Anthropologie Do Not Disturb DoorknobShop online here.

T is for Tray

I didn’t say anything. The tray did. I don’t know if it’s OK to offer it as a gift. Except for that one friend with a huge sense of humour. For sure this piece will gain lots of likes on the social channels.

Fringe Studio Cooler On The Internet Trinket Tray

Shop now.

U is for uber-trendy lamp

Keep your decor trendy and whimsical with this stylish pineapple table lamp from Catalina Lighting. First, the pineapple is a trendy element, second, the white&gold combination is failsafe.

Catalina Lighting White Pineapple Table LampShop here.

V is Vermeil legs

The residence of one of the Upper East Side’s famous socialites inspired this posh square bench. Its modern gold metallic finish and geometric legs complement the rich upholstery. This faux Ostrich Square Bench will look lush next to a retro velvet couch and that jaw-dropping cart at letter J.

Safavieh Jenine Faux Ostrich Square BenchSee more here.

W is for Wall Planter

If your garden needs a revamp, this is a nice idea. Put the metallic planter onto a brick wall or on the back of a wooden chalet. Fill it with ivy plants and give it a rustic twist by adding a checkered curtain on a side.

Birdies Wall PlanterShop here.

X is for x-perimental carpentry&textile

When you think of interior design, the big items come to mind. But it’s in the accessories that lays the secret. And the more affordable re-decoration budget.

Los Angeles studio “All Roads Design” is renowned for their ability to pair handmade with high-style. Founders Robert Dougherty and Janelle Pietrzak combine their backgrounds in carpentry, welding and textile sourcing to create one-of-a-kind decor that never fails to catch the eye.

Shop this cool blanket at Anthropologie.

All Roads - Majida Throw Blanket - interior design

Y is for Your Kid’s rug

Does your kid care about interior design? No. But he most certainly will appreciate a robo’ set-up!

Colorful, low-fi robots of all origins populate this super-cool rug fit for a true techie. It’s a great pair for that play table he has.

Shop at Macy’s.

Momeni Area Rug, Lil Mo

Z is for Zen Pillows

Well, ze end! Nap more, stress less. Your zen pillows are here to translate this chill language to you at any hour of the day.

Nap here / Wake up here

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