Say what? Wear, where, share.

I don’t even have a SEO strategy for this! Impossible. Keywords: lazy fashion, last days of the year, 2018… and something. Whatever! Don’t know what day is today. It’s just the day I decided to write this piece of article.

Dressing for Saturday on a Thursday morning. Good.

If Saturday equals for you with “couch potato” (if curious, this term appeared in the 70’s, in L.A), then there’s room for a pajama here! Even though the stylish jammies are not a new trend, I invite you to take a look below at the animal print kimono. Cinch it with a wide belt and wear it with classic trousers and black stilettos. Rest assured, your day will run smoothly!

intimissimi _animal print kimono


If that’s too appropriate, there’s the sporty side of life. Nothings says chill better than a pair of check pants on a Thursday morning, right? Style them with a basic white T-shirt, cool sneakers and a shearling denim jacket. #officestyle to envy.

Dressing for Monday on a Saturday night. Uhum.

Do you remember those days when you leave for some meetings at 10 AM and get home at 11 PM? In the meantime, you decide you need a cocktail or two and check-in into a bar? All pencil skirted and stuff? Well, you can do it on purpose this time. Only that the pencil skirt can be latex and the shirt – a normal one worn backwards. Uhum.

baden11 latex midi skirt wear

Inspo here.

Dressing for #tbt

I’d lie if I would say that my mother doesn’t know what on Earth this is. But still. Keeping things mysterious for those who never posted a #throwback. Let’s say you want to make a memory (like going to a party and enjoying it) but post your outfit on a random Thursday. Here is what you need to wear: a pristine white dress & glitter instead of shoes.

m marquise dress


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Johanna Ortiz fw18 – main image.